Executive Spotlight: Patricia Mitchell

We are honoring the hard-working men and women that have contributed to the success of Industrial Bank. Read below for our spotlight on Patricia Mitchell, the granddaughter of Industrial Bank founder, Jesse H. Mitchell, and a pivotal figure in carrying on the legacy of Industrial Bank in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 

Patricia Mitchell

Senior Vice President, Strategic Programs
Member, Board of Directors

Patricia Mitchell is currently the Executive Vice President of Strategic Programs and a member of the Board of Directors at Industrial Bank. A third generation banker, Patricia has been a key figure in continuing the legacy of her family’s bank, the oldest and largest African-American owned bank in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Mitchell earned a bachelor’s degree in design and merchandising from Drexel University, aspiring to be a store buyer and worked in retail companies such as Neiman Marcus and Woodward & Lothrop. She had been immersed within the banking industry since childhood, visiting her family’s local branches on the weekends, working summers at the bank as she got older, and observing her grandfather, father, and mother’s dedication to the bank. She went on to earn a Master’s of Business Administration from Marymount University and after her father’s death in 1993, she began full time at the bank as a lender; she has since risen to senior leadership, wearing many hats along the way.

Outside of her senior position at Industrial Bank, Patricia has been an advocate for families and children to become financially literate in the community. She has led the development of the financial literacy curriculum at Industrial Bank, has spoken at local schools on the importance of financial literacy and has helped many local families and businesses get on the road to financial success in the Washington, DC area. For over eight decades, Industrial Bank has been a key figure in driving community development, and we thank Patricia Mitchell for her hard work, dedication, and commitment to the Washington, DC metropolitan community.